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GetParameterDesc returns bad data in release

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This is a slight bug i'm encountering, wondering if anyone else has ran into it.. When i run the release mode build of my app, from VS.NET (that is, hit the 'run' button) the app loads and runs fine, and all the shaders are loaded and render properly. When i run the release mode outside of VS.NET (that is, double clicking on the icon) the shaders load, and no fails occur during the Begin(pass)/End(pass) functions of the shader, but nothing renders. The DrawPrimitive call is not failing, and all in all, the only issue I can find, is that for some reason, the shaders don't work in release mode when ran outside of the VS environment. Now, they DO work when you run the debug build outside of the VS env. And, as i mentioned, the shaders are loading, and calling begin/end properly (i catch their HRESULT, and output to a .txt if anything goes wrong) but still, the models themsevles are not rendering. Does anyone have ideas on this? [EDIT] Ok, i did a bit more tracking, and found that it's actually a local issue. I parse through the semantics of the file, and search for any keywords that exist that i can automaticly bind data to (much like FX Composer) The problem, is that in release mode, standalone exe, the shaderHandle->GetParameterDesc is always returning a D3DXPARAMETER_DESC that has NULL for all it's data.. Any of you microsoft MVP's out there that can point me to a reason this might occur?? thanks ElFrogo Cerveza "Bringing beer to to those whom truly need it." [Edited by - ElFrogo on May 11, 2005 2:46:48 PM]

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Nothing leaps out from your description I'm afraid;

Try the following to see if it gets you any more info:

1) link with D3DX9D.LIB rather than D3DX9.LIB to get debug output from D3DX

2) enable the debug Direct3D runtime in the DirectX applet in the system control panel; also bump up the output level slider and enable maximum validation.

3) run the free DebugView utility from

4) run your app outside of the debugger to the point where things start looking wrong, then take a look at DebugView to see if Direct3D or D3DX have complained about anything you're doing.

Resource or fx files failing to load would be the only "obvious" things. Bear in mind that the "start" button in VS.NET (the blue arrow, also on the Debug menu) will start your application in the debugger and use the "Debug" or "Release" folders of the project workspace as the current working directory - this might not be the case when the app is running standalone.

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