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Help with basic problem in DX9 SDK Sample Project

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I'm using the Sample Project as a foundation for developing a bigger game. I'm drawing some interface elements and am successfully drawing buttons, statics, checkboxes and what not. For some reason, I'm totally struggling with CDXUTDialog::DrawRect. I'd like to Draw a couple Rect's on the screen to use as indicator meters and a few other things. Everytime I try to use DrawRect() using the following code, or variations of it, it crashes.
	RECT *r;
        //Alternatively, I've tried RECT *r = new RECT();
	r->bottom = 0;
	r->top = 15;
	r->right = 20;
	r->bottom = 10;
	//Alternatively, I've tried using SetRect(&r, 0, 12, 20, 10);
        g_SelectedWindow.DrawRect(r, GREEN);

As the DrawRect is going through, it crashes in dxutgui.cpp, CDXUTDialog::DrawRect(...) at the following line:
At this point, I believe m_pSprite is null, which explains the crash, but I still dont know what m_pSprite is or where to initialize it. Can anyone give me some help on what m_pSprite is and where/how/when to initialize it? Thanks ahead of time for any help. [Edited by - EEder on May 11, 2005 8:14:47 PM]

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m_pSprite is a utility to draw 2D services in 3D.
You must make your draw rect calls while m_pSprite is valid and between calls to Begin and End.

search for "Sprite" in the directx docs. Look to the billboard sample or a partical sample to see examples of use within the sample framework.

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