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OpenGL copy pixel to vertex stream

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Hello ! I read in the shader X3 book that it is possible to copy pixel data to vertex stream. It is mention that we can do it only with opengl, is it still true ? What kind of hardware is needed to perform this ? (geforce3 ? geforcefx ? X800 ?...) Chuck [Edited by - Woodchuck on May 15, 2005 10:16:40 AM]

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Version 3.0 vertex shaders support "vertex textures" where you can sample pixels from a texture inside the vertex shader.

There may be a vendor specific extension in OpenGL to do it on a particular manufacturers older card (that's the problem with vendor extensions - they get you access to the "special" features, but they only work on a handful of cards from one manufacturer).

To learn more about vertex textures in Direct3D, take a look at the following topic in the SDK documentation:

DirectX Graphics ->
Programming Guide ->
HLSL Shaders ->
Shader Model 3 ->
Vertex Textures in vs_3_0

You can see which graphics chips support 3.0 shaders at:

A list of products which use those chips can be seen by selecting "Board Chart" from the Navigation Menu on that page.

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