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Looking for a Partner

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I'm known for periodically starting (and sometimes finishing) insane programming projects (insane for various reasons). Right now I'm working on a small class library for common programming constructs - mutexes, threads, heaps, files, sockets, atomic operations, etc., just to name a few. My goal is to create a lightweight library (many of the classes are purely inline) that functions identically on both Windows and POSIX (as far as I'm concerned, the only platforms of significance are Windows, OS X, and Linux), taking advantage of native features and emulating those not available on all platforms, using the very same source code. I've been a Windows programmer for quite some time now, and I'm well capable of writing all the Windows code (as I've done this far). So far I've been (and I'll probably continue to do so in the future) writing the POSIX code based on the Open Group's Unix standard. But as I've never touched a Unix system in my life, I don't even know if the code will even compile (or if there are any bugs, etc.). So, I'm looking for a partner: somebody who has moderate experience with the POSIX APIs (especially pthreads) and the development environment to review my code and get it actually running on a Unix system (Linux would be preferable). To try to preempt the question, I'm posting this here because I used to frequent this site a couple years ago, and I don't really know anybody who's familiar with POSIX programming (nor do I go to any other sites that would be more appropriate than here). If anybody would be willing to help me, send me an e-mail at I have ICQ, AIM, and MSNM, but I'd rather not give those out on a public forum :P

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