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Problems using glMultMatrixf in Delphi

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Because the Tut about Quaternions didn't have a source for Delphi users, like myself, I tried to write a conversion. But I've got some problems with the glMultMatrixf function Vic Uses in his funtion to the new prespective on the world. When I use the function there is no drawing at all and the screen stays black. glMultMatrixf wants PGLfloat as I understood this shall be a pointer that points to the first element of an Array, because C++ uses pointers to represent arrays. But Delphi does not, so I created a pointer myself that points to my array and give it to the function. No Error is created but there is, as I said nothing on the screen when I use this function, although I tested it using a Identity Matrix I created, which once given to glMultMatrixf should not change anything at all. The Code is much the same of Vic's exept that I changed it to Delphi and use my function to load Textures which is working properly since i dont know. So this is not the poblem I think. Please anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, because I loved to use Quaternions in my Projects. Sincerly Scrooby

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procedure glCamera.setPrespective();
var Matrix : array[0..15] of GLfloat;
pMatrix :pointer;
pMatrix := @Matrix;
// Opengl set new prespective

// Problem somewhere here:

And the problem rows vs. columns came to my mind aswell, but for the identity vector it's not important ...

1 0 0 0
0 1 0 0
0 0 1 0
0 0 0 1

same if you read it in rows or in columns.

The format Delphi uses to store arrays I'm gonna check now..

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