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Blender Coordinate System

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I've been playing around with Blender for the last few days, and I'm starting to like it (especially the price). Unfortunately, I'm having a few problems using it with my in-development Managed DirectX engine. After exporting my model to an X file, I try to use Mesh.FromFile() to load it, but a Direct3DXException is thrown. Here is the code I use to attempt to load the model (no texture data for now):

	ExtendedMaterial[] materials;
	m_mesh = Mesh.FromFile("simple2.x", MeshFlags.Managed, m_device, out materials);
	m_mesh_materials = new Material[materials.Length];

	for(int index=0; index<materials.Length; index++)
		m_mesh_materials[index] = materials[index].Material3D;

Is the exception thrown because the model was developed using a right-handed coordinate system? I would think that this would simply cause the model to fail to render, but maybe I'm wrong. Can anyone point out any other reasons that this call might be failing? Regardless of whether or not Blender's right-handed coordinate system is to blame, I'm thinking that it will cause me problems in the future, since I'm using a left-handed system in my engine. Is there a way to setup Blender to use a left-handed system? Or should I simply start using right-handed coordinates in my engine? I'd love to hear from other DirectX developers (managed or not) that use Blender, and how they get along with it. Thanks! - Mike

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Most DirectX exporters for Blender automatically convert the coordinate system over from a right-handed one to a left-handed one for you. I've had no problems working with Blender and DirectX in combination. Works with both managed and unmanaged DirectX so don't worry about that.

Here's the exporter that I use with Blender:

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