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ODE Transformed geom doesn't move with body

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I am attempting to create a composite object using transform geoms in ODE. When I can create a composite which uses nothing but regular geoms, but when you throw in a transform geom, the transformed geom refuses to move when the body moves, instead remaining motionless. The following is the code I used:
class foo
	dBodyID body;			// the body
	dGeomID geom;
	dGeomID* pads;
	dMass mass;

	dSpaceID rays;
	dGeomID* transform;

void create(dSpaceID &sp, dWorldID &wo)


		pads= new dGeomID[1];
		body = dBodyCreate(wo);
		rays = dHashSpaceCreate(0);
		geom = dCreateBox(sp,2,2,2);

		dMassSetBox (&mass,1,1,1,1);
		dMassAdjust (&mass,1);
		////ray stuff for detecting road distance for hovering
		//use arrays 
		pads[0] = dCreateRay (0,100);
		transform = new dGeomID[1];
		transform[0] = dCreateGeomTransform(rays);
		dGeomTransformSetGeom (transform[0],pads[0]);
		dGeomTransformSetCleanup (transform[0],1);
		dMatrix3 Rtx;
		dRFromAxisAndAngle (Rtx,1,0,0,1.57);
		dGeomSetRotation (pads[0],Rtx);
		dGeomSetPosition (pads[0], -0.5, -1,-0.5);
		///end ray stuff

		dBodySetMass (body,&mass);

Does anybody please know what I am doing wrong (and can also tell me). I've searched through the samples included with version 0.5 and there doesn't seem to be any more to it than what I've included here. The transform geom just seems to refuse to acknowledge that it has been added to a body. [Edited by - themattgreen on May 15, 2005 1:09:25 PM]

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