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ogl lighting normals check

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I wish to calculate normals for ogl lighting. I just want to check if the following is correct. May some one double check "CalculateNormal" for me...?
struct marker
   float x, y, z;

void CalculateNormal(marker* normal, marker o, marker b, marker c)
   b.x = b.x - o.x;
   b.y = b.y - o.y;
   b.z = b.z - o.z;

   c.x = c.x - o.x;
   c.y = c.y - o.y;
   c.z = c.z - o.z;

/* Cross Product. */
   normal->x = (b.y * c.z) - (b.z * c.y);
   normal->y = (b.z * c.x) - (b.x * c.z);
   normal->z = (b.x * c.y) - (b.y * c.x);

And example in action: marker model[30000] = {0}; marker normal[30000] = {0}; int n = 0; ... CalculateNormal(&normal[n], m[n + 0], m[n + 1], m[n + 2]);

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your CalculateNormal function code looks ok, but it has an odd
function signature. this function calculates the normal for a triangle
correct? that means that the outputing normal is the normal for that face
not each vertex. (because verticies can be shadered by multiple faces
its normal must be smoothed otherwise thelighting looks very poly-gonish)

what you should do (if you want to quickly test out the function, and see what I mean) is:

marker model [30000] = {0};
marker normal [30000] = {0};
int n = 0;
marker temp_norm;
CalculateNormal(&temp_norm, m[n + 0], m[n + 1], m[n + 2]);
normal[n+0] = temp_norm;
normal[n+1] = temp_norm;
normal[n+2] = temp_norm;
if you're using C you may want to use memcpy, if using C++ and the struct/class "marker" has functions overload the copy operator.

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