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glPrint without using glScaled

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Hi, i am new to OpenGL, now is editing a piece of code that is handled down. :D However i notice that in the tutorial provided in this website, there is no need to use glScale in order for the text to appear, however the code that i am working on will have no text appear if i did not use the glScaled, What am i doing wrongly.? Thanks and Best Regards. Below is my Code in the function BuildFont base = glGenLists(256) ' storage for 256 characters hFont = CreateFont(20, 0, 0, 0, FW_BOLD, False, False, False, _ ANSI_CHARSET, OUT_TT_PRECIS, CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS, _ ANTIALIASED_QUALITY, FF_DONTCARE Or DEFAULT_PITCH, "Verdana") SelectObject ghDC, hFont wglUseFontOutlines ghDC, 0, 255, base, 0, 0, _ WGL_FONT_POLYGONS, gmf(0) 'WGL_FONT_LINES Below is the glPrint F(x) If strlen > 0 Then ' only if the pass a string ReDim b(strlen) ' array of bytes to hold the string For i = 0 To strlen - 1 ' for each character b(i) = Asc(Mid$(s, i + 1, 1)) ' convert from unicode to ascii Width = Width + gmf(b(i + 1)).gmfCellIncX If gmf(b(i + 1)).gmfBlackBoxY > Height Then Height = gmf(b(i + 1)).gmfBlackBoxY End If Next b(strlen) = 0 ' null terminated ' translate to right position and rotate to the right angle Select Case Opt Case 0 ' chart title Translate_ChartTitle X, Y, fScale Case 1 ' x title Translate_xTitle X, Y, fScale Case 2 ' y title Translate_yTitle X, Y, fScale Case 3 ' x label Translate_xLabel X, Y, fScale Case 4 ' y label Translate_yLabel X, Y, fScale End Select 'glScaled fScale, fScale, fScale glPushAttrib amListBit ' Pushes the display list bits glListBase base ' sets the base character to 0 glCallLists Len(s), GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, b(0) ' draws the display list text glPopAttrib ' pops the display list bits End If

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