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Game Programming Design Patterns

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Hello Everybody, Are there any patterns(like those of GOF) specific to games? Please check the following link: www.mine-control.com/zack/patterns/gamepatterns.html It is about game programming design patterns.Where can I find the other patterns(game specific)? Are they used in the industry(game programming design patterns)? I know software design patterns are popular but what about game specific design patterns? Can anybody please name a few game specific design patterns? What do you think of the patterns in the above link? Thank You.

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Most software deign patterns can be appled to games - on the basis that a game IS software after all.

Popularity with design patterns has nothing to do with it. Programmers use patterns because they provide a generalised, standard way of acomplishing a common problem.

I can't imagine there are any patterns specifically for games. A better question would be which design patterns, algorithms and techniques do computer games often employ.
There are several patterns, algorithms and techniques that are often used.

Some I can think of are (in no particular order):
: Render delegation (metioned in your link) - see composite pattern below
: Composite pattern - for scenegraphs (also Directed-Acyclic Graphs)
: factory method & abstract factory - for managers
: singleton - (debatable) for managers also
: bounding volumes - collision detection
: Binary Space Partitioning (BSP)
: Callbacks & functors (function objects)
: Visitor pattern - scenegraph traversal
: Chain of command
: Smart Pointers - memory management

There are many more. Simply when you design your systems and can employ software design patterns to help you accomplish the task in an understandable and maintainable way. Design patterns can also help promote a good Object Oriented Design.


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You can add the state design pattern to the list for implementing FSMs.

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I have gone through "game design patterns". They are by Bernd Kreimeier, Jussi Halopainen, Staffan Bjork, Johan Peitz before itself. First I confused them with game programming design patterns (the names are a bit confusing too). They are guidelines to better game design & there is no base implementation for them.

Iam talking of patterns which are specific to game development i.e. those patterns which are there in games & not used in general software because those recurring contexts that are in games never occur in other applications.
Say, construction patterns by Alexander are in building construction & not in software because that is a separate area & those recurring contexts don't occur in software.

Similarly I want to know whether there are patterns specific to games.

Has anybody gone through the book

"Patterns in Game Programming : Advanced Design
Patterns for Games - Made Easier"
by Andrew Rollings, coriolis group, 2001

I haven't read that book but by the title I think they talk about what I have in mind.

On the other hand, "game design patterns" are in the book
"Patterns in Game Design"
by Jussi Halopainen, Staffan Bjork

Thank You

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