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Khaos Dragon

OptimizeInplace question

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I was wondering if this function will reorder the the adjacency array to correspond to the new ordering of the faces of a mesh. I am wondering this because I was thinking of using the adjacency data to calculate the silhoutte edges of my models.

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HRESULT OptimizeInplace(
DWORD Flags,
CONST DWORD *pAdjacencyIn,
DWORD *pAdjacencyOut,
DWORD *pFaceRemap,
LPD3DXBUFFER *ppVertexRemap

[out] Pointer to a destination buffer for the face adjacency array of the optimized mesh. The face adjacency is stored as an array of arrays. The innermost array is three indices of adjacent triangles, and the outer array is one set of face adjacency per triangle in the mesh. If the value supplied for this argument is NULL, adjacency data is not returned.

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Original post by Khaos Dragon
Any known problems if I make the pAdjacencyOut pointer the same as the pAdjacencyIn pointer?

Generally, with D3D and D3DX calls, when there are separate parameters for two different pointers, it is requires that they be different. Otherwise, you usually get a D3DERR_INVALIDCALL returned and some descriptive debug output. It's a safe bet to say it won't work, but it wouldn't hurt to try it [wink]

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