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First person Camera movement

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Hiya, I'm trying to create a first person camera for my application, I've already got the camera to move backwards and forwards and rotate, however what I want to do is implement turning into the movement properly. What I need to know is when I rotate the camera on the Y axis (to look left and right), how do I use this angle to calculate how much the camera location should move forwards on the Z axis , and to the side on the X axis when the forward key is pressed. At the moment when the camera turns, it is effictively just "looking" around, not turning.. If you get my drift Thanks

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If you only want to rotate your camera on Y axis you could try something like that

/* (lx,ly,lz) The focus of the camera */
/* angle_h rotation Y axxis. angle_v rotation from ?? axxis. I don't remenber! */

lx = sin(angle_h)*cos(angle_v);
ly = -sin(angle_v);
lz = -cos(angulo_h)*cos(angle_v);

/* Flat movement */
/* (x,y,z) position of the camera
/* i = 1 forward , i = -1 backward */

x = x + i*(lx)*velocity;
//y = y + i*(ly)*velocity;
z = z + i*(lz)*velocity;

Well something like that.I hope it will give you a clue(but maybe it isn't correct or the better way:)

EDIT: If you discomment that line above.You're camera will actually fly:)

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