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Direct X Question?

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Ok, i want to begin game dev in C++, on a linux/windows platform if possible I know DirectX is standard with MSVC++ 6.0, but i use Dev-C++ alot more on winblows, and DirectX requires additional setup (i believe). So my question is, What kind of API's are capeable of working with 2d sidescrollers, and are their any that work with windows and linux. I know DirectDraw would allow me to make a 2d ss, but what other options are available.

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Original post by BinaryAtrocity
whats the difference in learning curve?

Take caution in asking comparison questions of Direct3D and OpenGL -- flamewars do be abound. ;)

If you're writing a 2D game anyways, D3D and OGL are rather overkill IMHO. A nice 2D library like SDL or Allegro would save you a lot of time, and are a lot easier to work with.

Good luck!

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