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Is this correct?

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in a book, it is adopt matrix to interpolate. like this way: matrixinterpolate = scalar*(matrix - matrix2) + matrix;//scalar is 0 - 1 but I heard matrix interpolate not work .should be use quaternion to which is correct?

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The questions are:
Where do want to use this ?
...and what a kind of result do you expect ?

A matrix is a complex structure wich stores many informations like position, rotation and so on. Without any hint a common answer is´nt possible.

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I want smooth result.

other book,introduce another way:R S T
R quaternion rotate
S vector scale
T vector translate

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Hmmm....for me its better to know what i wanna smooth exactly:

Ich you e.g. want to smooth the path, a object follows you better have
to use 2 vectors and use the the spline BEFORE you create a matrix
with it.

Or if you want a smooth rotation you have to think about using a sin-function
wich operates on a linear operator (0..pi/2) and use the result for
a matrix rotation.

The blind interpolation of a matrix can have unexpectable results, cause
you have to know wich matrix you want to smooth...

Ok knowledge about quaternions is very small ...cause i did not understood them well...maybe there is a better way with quats ??

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