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how do i open a htlm file from a program?

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You need to be more precise?

You simply want to open the file?

A good old fopen should do the job

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If you simply want to know how to prepare the file for reading with your application and the file you want to open is in the same directory as your executable, you will only need the name of the HTML file for your program to be able to open it.

In C#, you can use the StreamReader class to read in the file.

In C++, you can use ifstream to read the file.

I hope this helps.

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Do you mean that you'd like to open and read an url on the internet?
If so look up the following functions in MSDN:

InternetOpenUrl / FtpOpenFile

Using these you'd be able to read html/gopher/ftp files and write to ftp's.

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Guest Anonymous Poster

//use these to open window with html - game documentation



bool GetRegString(LPSTR pszKey, LPSTR pszValue, LPBYTE pszData)
HKEY hKey;
DWORD dwDataSize = MAX_PATH - 1;
DWORD dwValueType = REG_SZ;
DWORD openOK, queryOK;

openOK = RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, pszKey, 0, KEY_QUERY_VALUE, &hKey);

queryOK = RegQueryValueEx(hKey, pszValue, 0, &dwValueType, pszData, &dwDataSize);

if (pszData[dwDataSize] != '\0') pszData[dwDataSize] = '\0';


return(openOK == ERROR_SUCCESS && queryOK == ERROR_SUCCESS);
} // end of GetRegString()


DWORD launchProcess(char* sProcName, char* sCmdLine) // for launchBrowser()

memset(&wtTSRinfo, 0, sizeof(wtTSRinfo)); // zero the contents of the structure
wtTSRinfo.cb = sizeof(wtTSRinfo); // size of(STARTUPINFO)

if (CreateProcess(sProcName, // lpApplicationName
sCmdLine, // lpCommandLine
FALSE, // BOOL bInheritHandles
0, // creation flags
NULL, // inherit environmental vars from parent
NULL, // inherit CWD from parent
&wtTSRinfo, // gives info about new process
&procInfo)) // receives info about new process
// If your program does not make use of the handles for the new process and
// its primary thread, you should close both right away. Otherwise, even if the
// PROCESS_INFORMATION structure is a local variable and goes out of scope, abandoning
// whatever it contained, the two object entries remain in your process’s object table
// and the system counts them as open handles.
CloseHandle(procInfo.hProcess); // get rid of handles of new process
int x = GetLastError();
MessageBox(NULL, "Process failed to create.", "Error", MB_OK);
MessageBox(NULL, sProcName, sCmdLine, MB_OK);
} // end of launchProcess()


void launchBrowser(char *docpath)
char htmlAssocReg[] = "Software\\CLASSES\\.htm";
char htmlAssoc[_MAX_PATH] = {0};
char browserReg[_MAX_PATH] = {0};
char launchString[4096];
char browser[_MAX_PATH];

GetRegString(htmlAssocReg, NULL, (LPBYTE)htmlAssoc); // get browser name

wsprintf(browserReg, "Software\\CLASSES\\%s\\shell\\open\\command", htmlAssoc);

GetRegString(browserReg, NULL, (LPBYTE)browser); // get browser exe

char* bws = strtok(browser, "\"");

wsprintf(launchString, "%s %s", bws, docpath); // build command line

launchProcess(NULL, launchString);
} // end of launchBrowser()


VOID help_window()
MessageBox(NULL,"Opening Documentation window with your favorite browser", "Fatal Error", MB_OK);



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Guest Anonymous Poster
He said htlm, not html.

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Original post by Anonymous Poster
*snippet removed*

That's quite a masochistic way of doing
ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "C:\\mssdk\\samples\\Multimedia\\Direct3D\\Project\\help_doc.htm", NULL, NULL, 0);

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