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Hello all I m a bit confused about wat to put in a engine ..... I read a article which said u should include the stuff in the engine which are not related to the game like buildings.... i cant got that point right.... I know thr is a physics part in engine , ai part. and etc so please tell me wat to include in engine like whr to put a terrain either put it in the game engine or make a terrain engine .... and what exactly will be my engine a dll or wat.... Thanks in advanced

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Well... that really depends.. In my game project I've made different parts into different engines:

general (memory-management, kernel++)

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Hi, from this it is clear that you have not written your own computer games / engines before (i don't mean any offence)

Now what i would advise is that you design a simple game in your head, for example tetris or snake etc, the simpler the better really, u have to start at the begining and keep it simple.

Ok so you got your game design, its not a question now of i quote you "I m a bit confused about wat to put in a engine " its a question of where do i start in creating this game
then when u have chosen, lets say creating shapes randomly for tetris
that is what u need your engine todo, create shapes randomly

then you have a clear goal, then once complete you set your next goal.

which would be set these shapes to fall
add in collision dection for shapes
allow user input to move shapes
add in game logic to check that a line is full, if so delete
when deleted a line make all blocks fall down in the free space
and as you will learn, when developing ANY game the list is never ending
now you see why games take so long to create, its will get to a point where the product has enough polish and is FUN enough for it to be shipped, you can always add stuff to the game but time / money comes into it.

erm i am looking for programming work if any 1 reading this requieres a programmer

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Engine design is a vague concept. Let me explain. You can make an engine that is very coupled to the game, then you won't be able to make other games with that engine. So it's the first decision when you start to design it.
Ask yourselves if you want to make more games with that engine and what type of games you want to create. Personally i dislike all-purpose engines, they're complex and huge.
What are your game needs? Write down hi-level requierements like players, npcs, scenarios, music, fire, fights, etc... and then specialize them to more general types like user input, actors, particle effects, resources, animation and so on.
The you start seeing how modules or packages appear: input, resource management or particle system. If you think that a requierement can be broken into more manageable parts, break it!
Finally you will end up with the subsystems that your game will use. To decouple the engine from the game, simply think what systems are generalised enough to recycle and use for other games of the same type.

I hope it's explained good enough. That's not the only way to do things, but it's one of all :)

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