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John Schultz

E3 from a developer's Perspective, pictures, video.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Nice, but I always thought E3 was a game related event... this reminds me the French Hot d'Or. Pretty stupid.

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Original post by Basic
Very nice report, some good coverage in there.


Thanks for the feedback, Basic.

Anon. Poster: E3 = Electronic Entertainment Expo: it's all about electronic entertainment. Some of the games are based on mature subject matter, such as the Dead or Alive series and Singles. The wildly popular Sims series also touches mature themes. Many games have violent themes, while others provide a mix of violent and mature themes (Some MMORPG's combine scantily clad figures with magic and fighting). Edutainment and non-violent dancing/DJ themes are also presented. Each market has it's following. Even Katamari Damacy has a "battle mode". Sports games present many levels of violence. The most popular themes have the most duplication and coverage. It's the nature of a free, democratic market.

Videogames have been studied for impact in player behavior. To date, no statistically significant adverse affects on behavior have been shown. A few famous cases attempted to blame videogames for their behavior: it's clear those were cases where individuals did not want to take responsibility for their actions.

I do agree that there are some adverse affects related to videogames in somes cases: lack of general physical exercise, overuse of fingers/hands/wrists resulting in repetitive stress injuries (warnings+education should be more prevalent). The release of certain multiplayer videogames have resulted in company productivity grinding to a halt as employees take time out to play.

While one may feel that some subject matter is stupid (perfectly OK), many others will find the same subject matter entertaining. Free democratic systems allow for both points of view. If one has a minority view (for example, mature themes should not be presented to the market), they can market their own views on the subject, and if they can pursuade the majority that their view is better, the majority will adopt those views. It's not a matter of fair/unfair or smart/stupid. It's the nature of the universe (there's a mathematical, system's view that can describe this process). The system is constantly changing and adapting, maintaining a relatively stable state (when it goes unstable, major changes occur to bring back stability). The study of Mathematics and Economics is fascinating. RTS games utilize math/econ themes.

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