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Looking for a convex brush transformation algorithm

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Hi I am working on a game editor and want to implement vertex manipulation on convex brushes the brushes are formed by 3-Plane-Intersection and the planes point away from the center of the brush My problem is if I select a vertex and move it i need to make sure that the newly created brush is still convex so i have 2 scenaries for a cubic brush cubic brush(6 faces ala 4 vertices): one vertex is selected(written with large letters): face(a,b,C,d); now i move C away form the center; if it is infront of the face's plane i could split the face into face(a,b,C) & face(a,C,d); if it is on the back of the face's plane i split it like that face(a,b,d) & face(b,C,d); that way i guarantee that the new brush is convex but how can i do this for cylinders or brushes which have move than 4 vertices per face if i have more than 1 vertex selected at a time? the scenarion with only a single vertex selected is analog to the cube case with more than 1 vertex selected at a time you could do the transformation for each vertex separately but in this case you need to check for equal planes and make sure you vertices snap to the grid properly so the loss of precision increases with the amount of transformations performed therefore i am looking for a more elegant solution i really appreciate your help

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