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SDL & Arrays of pointers to structures

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Hello, I am making a chess game and am having a problam with arrays of pointers to structures. Here is the code of the init of the array of pointer and defining the values.
 	/* this is an array of pointers to all the pieces in the game */
  	struct piece *All[32];
  	All[1] = &Bfort1;
  	All[2] = &Bhorse1;
  	All[3] = &Bprince1;
  	All[4] = &Bqueen;
  	All[5] = &Bking;
  	All[6] = &Bprince2;
  	All[7] = &Bhorse2;
  	All[8] = &Bfort2;
  	All[9] = &Bsoldier1;
  	All[10] = &Bsoldier2;
  	All[11] = &Bsoldier3;
  	All[12] = &Bsoldier4;
  	All[13] = &Bsoldier5;
  	All[14] = &Bsoldier6;
  	All[15] = &Bsoldier7;
  	All[16] = &Bsoldier8;
  	All[17] = &Wfort1;
  	All[18] = &Whorse1;
  	All[19] = &Wprince1;
  	All[20] = &Wqueen;
  	All[21] = &Wking;
  	All[22] = &Wprince2;
  	All[23] = &Whorse2;
  	All[24] = &Wfort2;
  	All[25] = &Wsoldier1;
  	All[26] = &Wsoldier2;
  	All[27] = &Wsoldier3;
  	All[28] = &Wsoldier4;
  	All[29] = &Wsoldier5;
  	All[30] = &Wsoldier6;
  	All[31] = &Wsoldier7;
  	All[32] = &Wsoldier8; 

And i have a function which is activated when SDL detects a click on a picture, it takes the array of pointers as a paramater and in it theres a refrence to it which compiles fine but when i click on the image i get the "Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)" error:
for(i = 0; i <= 32; i++) if((All->position_column == Xoperator) && (All->position_line == Yoperator)) ToD = 1;
if((Xoperator >= first.x) && (Xoperator <= last.x) && (Yoperator >= first.y) && (Yoperator < (last.y - 1))) 
				Display_image(blue_squre, scrn, Xoperator, Yoperator); 

now the problematic line here is the first, ive checked and if instead of using i in using the array, and using a number, SDL dosent produce an error. what is SDL's problam ?

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You are accessing element 32 of the array, which is invalid. An array with 32 entries means you can access entries 0-31 only. This is a rule of C/C++.

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okay, i though i took care of that problam by using the '<=' but that was what created the problam.
thanks, up with your ratings.

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