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Multitexturing in d3d 9

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Hi, I try to get multitexturing working in my D3D 9 application (C#) and searched the web for good examples how to do that, but found nothing, so here is my question: I guess I have to define a new VertexFormat, because I need 2 sets of texture coordinates and CustomVertex doesn't provide it. Am I wrong here already? If not, how do I do that? Thanks, Constantin

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Basically, you need to do something like this:

1) Define a vertex format with more than one texture coordinate sets. Alternatively, you can make various texture stages use coordinate sets for other stages. For example, you can have 3 textures and make them all use only one set using something like:
device.SetTextureStageState(1, TextureStageStates.TextureCoordinateIndex, 0);

Makes the second texture - the one in stage 1, the second stage - use the texture coordinate set of index 0. You can have up to 8 texture coordinate sets per-vertex.

2) You need to call SetStreamSource with your buffer:
device.SetStreamSource(0, buffer, stride);

where stride is the size of your vertex.

3) Set the vertex format:
device.VertexFormat = VertexFormats.Position | VertexFormats.Texture2;

4) Adjust the texture stage states and sampler states to do what you want to do, using Device.SetTextureStageState and Device.SetSamplerStageState

5) Use Device.DrawPrimitives

I might've messed up some typenames, as well as forgotten a couple of steps. Truth is the managed docs aren't that good yet [smile]

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