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Collision Detection

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Whats the best...collision detection algorithm/tecnique??
Allow me to offer the following authoritative and conclusive answer:

It depends :)

At the risk of stating the obvious, to get good advice on collision detection you have to supply as much information as possible about your particular application. 2D or 3D? Terrain? FPS? Space shooter? How much vector and matrix math do you know? And so on.

As to the question of 'most used', that question may have an answer of sorts simply due to the preponderance of games based on the Quake engine and its derivatives. In these games the world is represented (for the purpose of collision detection at least) as a collection of planes, each of which partitions a space recursively into two subspaces. This information can be used for efficient collision detection, although it does place considerable restrictions on the world geometry. Typically objects are represented as axis-aligned bounding boxes for the purpose of collision with the bsp tree.

Another method that is discussed frequently on this forum is collision between an axis-aligned ellipsoid and a polygon soup. This can give fairly natural collision response for a character in an FPS or role-playing game. I don't know how often this technique is used in commercial games.

And so on. Entire books are frequently written on the topic of collision detection - it's a big subject. If you'd like specific recommendations on a technique to use, you'll need to provide some of the info mentioned above.

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