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returning a reference of vectors

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Hi again. I'd like to return a reference of a vector from a method like:
vector<CCell> &MyMethod(int index)
  vector<CCell> adjCells;
  // fill adjCells...
  return adjCells;
If I do this will adjCells be value-copied to the return variable or will the reference point to bad memory? How I'd like to use the method is:
vector<CCell> posPath = MyMethod(5);
Or do I need to declare vector<CCell> &posPath?

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You can't return a reference to a temporary variable because that variable is destroyed when the function exits.

You should either return a const vector<CCell> and let the compiler worying about whether it actually needs to copy it or not, or make the function return nothing and take the vector as a reference parameter.

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As you have guessed, returning a reference to a local variable is a Bad Thing™.

Returning by value may or may not be optimized away, depending on whether your compiler applies Named Return Value Optimization (NRVO) in this case or not.

Unless and until C++ gets move-constructors, the best simple solution is to just pass the reference to MyMethod.

void MyMethod(int index, vector<CCell>& adjCells);

vector<CCell> posPath;
MyMethod(5, posPath);

There are more complex methods that will allow you to use the vector<CCell> posPath = MyMethod(5); syntax - I don't know if you'll be comfortable with them. It may involve hacking your standard library (though I think he did provide a mojoized vector class...)

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