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How to animate tiles

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How do I put animated tiles in my isometric tile engine? I can draw a layer of tiles but I cant figure out how to add animated tiles in.
oid draw_tiles(void)
    for(Tileset.y=0; Tileset.y <Mapy;Tileset.y++)
    {for(Tileset.x=0; Tileset.x < Mapx; Tileset.x++)
    {  //what does this do?
    Tileset.scroll_x = Tileset.x + (Tileset.world_camerax/Tileset.Tile_Width  );//this allows scrolling on y axis
    Tileset.scroll_y  =Tileset.y+ (Tileset.world_cameray/Tileset.Tile_Hight );//this allows scrolling on x axis
      Tileset.offset_x= Tileset.world_camerax+ (screenx/2);
          Tileset.tiles = map[Tileset.y ][Tileset.x ];        

    tile_src.left = ((Tileset.tiles -1 )%20) *Tileset.Tile_Width; =  ((Tileset.tiles -1 )/20) * Tileset.Tile_Hight ;
    tile_src.right = tile_src.left + Tileset.Tile_Width ;
    tile_src.bottom = + Tileset.Tile_Hight  ; 

dstr.left= ((Tileset.x-Tileset.y)*Tileset.Tile_Width/2)+Tileset.offset_x;
dstr.right = dstr.left + Tileset.Tile_Width  ;  ((Tileset.y+Tileset.x)*Tileset.Tile_Hight/2)-Tileset.offset_y;
dstr.bottom = +(Tileset.Tile_Hight + Tileset.Tile_Width) ;


would I have to make another drawing function so when the above function hits tile id 10 then it jumps to the other function and draw those tiles or is there a better way to do it? Thanks

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Well one way I done it a few years ago (and thinking of doing it again for a small project) is to have your tiles as structures with all the info you need.
In this you could also have an array of say 4 different ID numbers and a time variable.

After the length your time variable in the game then you change the current ID to the next one in the array. Each ID points to a different tile in your set and this will animate it. After the last tile in the array your ID should be reset to the start of the array.

You could if memory etc isn't that much of a concern store a linked list of ID's so that each tile coud have as complex an animation as you want.

I hope I explained this clearly, it did actually turn out to be a good implementation for me.

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I think what I am meaning to ask is. When I draw my tiles it loops throgh the array that has been loaded from a text file. So when the drawing function hits the water tile id and a sertin amount of time has gone buy then what should I do?

should I
A. tell it to go to another tile in the bmp that is holding all the tiles or

B. Should I jump to another drawing function and draw it seprate from my main function or

C.have a list of just the animated tiles and when the tile ID matches the animated tiles then it runs through the set of tiles in that arey of the map.

I have heard alot about link list but I am not sure how to use them or even put them in my progam.

What method would give me the best visual affect with speed?

Can some one show me a example of how it is done?

whould the same method work for making layers and adding in movable objects?

Should I make a link list?(if so can some one show me sample code of using link list?

or should I use a bunch of arrays?

I think once I got these questions answerd then I can try to make a map editor and start making some levels.

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