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Dirty Dave

Infinite repeating background

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Hi Community! I want to program an infinite repeating background. The background has to be linked with the players coordinates, and it uses just one tile. Could anyone explain me how to implement this the best way?

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the coordinates can be negative as well, and i don't understand your approach either.
Someone help me please, and sorry for my bad english.

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I'm not going to write an code to test this but:

for(int y = -(pos.y%tile.height); y < screen.height; ++y)
for(int x = -(pos.x%tile.width); x < screen.width; ++x)
tile.draw(screen, x, y);

should probably work (again, with positive numbers). x%y divides x by y and returns the remainder.


As you can see this is useful because it can be used to easilly make numbers 'wrap around'.

The remainders for negative numbers are also negative, and increase in the opposite direction. You can fix it with (x<0?y+(x+1)%y-1:x%y), which is fugly.

And last, floating point numbers don't have a modulus operator. You can use fmod for that.

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