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GPU-(digital image processing)

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Hello! I have done a program that uses the graphics processor unit(GPU) and GLSL-shaders for applaying image processing filters to an image. Its a degree project so I would be interested in some benchmark results from different graphic cards. If you want to help me please do like this: 1. Download 'GPUFiltering.zip' or 'GPUFiltering.rar' http://www.student.hig.se/~kp02kkn/exjobb/ 2. Unzip (read 'GPUFiltering Manual ENGLISH.txt' for more info) 3. Start the program from an DOS-prompt, makes it easier to catch possible error messages 4. write down results for: -> Rectangular support -> Texture format -> Max texture size 5. Make sure that you are using 'Smooth filter', press "UP ARROW" or "DOWN ARROW" until Smooth filter is the active filter 6. Apply filter once by pressing 'A' do not write down time 7. Apply the filter again and write down the result 8. Press "DOWN ARROW" for the next filter and applay the filter 9. Do the same for the resulting filters and write down the time results. 10.If the program would crasch, please write down the error message together with your graphic card so I may fix the problem =) ! If you would happen to have two monitors activated, please do only have one activated while doing the test(makes a big differance on nVidia cards)! --------- GPUFiltering Benchmark --------- System: CPU : RAM : Graphic card: Graphic card memory: Drivers version : Screen resolution : Benchmark: Rectangular support : Texture format : Max texture size : Smooth : Gaussian blur : Saturation : Edge detection : --------- GPUFiltering Benchmark ---------

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Instructions are too complicated.
Just make a program which outputs all the data in one go, with no user interaction.

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Yep i agree too but im bored so here ya go ...


CPU : Athlon64 3200+ @ 2500MHz
RAM : 1GB Corsair TwinX CAS2 Latency
Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 6800GT
Graphic card memory: 256MB
Drivers version : 71.84
Screen resolution : 1280x1024x32


Rectangular support : Yes
Texture format : GL_TEXTURE_2D
Max texture size : 1024

Smooth : 0.376947
Gaussian blur : 0.491135
Saturation : 0.0488495
Edge detection : 0.421511

Very fast it would be nice if photoshop was that quick :)

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