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MSVC++ 6.0 Pro assembly error c2400

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Each line in the following code generates the error: error C2400: inline assembler syntax error in 'opcode'; found 'xmm0'
  __asm {
	 mov    esi,   this            ; vector u
	 movups xmm0,  [esi]           ; first vector in xmm0
	 sqrtss xmm0,  xmm0            ; sqroot from least bit value
	 movss  f,     xmm0            ; move result from xmm0 to edi

I am using Visual Studio C++ 6.0 Professional, with SP5 and the processor pack. I'm running an AMD 64 on an unregistered copy of Windows MCE. The reason I'm using Windows MCE is because my paperlaunched XP64 cd is backordered until the end of May, and a floppy disk drive fell on my XP32 cd! MSDN is unhelpful - "Specifying a Pentium instruction can cause this error. Choosing the Pentium option (/G5) causes the compiler to generate instruction sequences optimized for the Pentium, but does not allow instructions specific to the Pentium." I've spent hours searching for some level of documentation and given up and since the MSDN forums look under used I thought I'd ask here. Enough ranting, back to the problem. My compiler options are
/nologo /MLd /W3 /Gm /GX
/ZI /Od /I "C:\...stl" /D "WIN32"
/Fo"Debug/" /Fd"Debug/" /FD /GZ /c
Project Settings -> Code Generation -> Processor only shows 486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro available - I'm not sure if this is normal with the processor pack installed - and I've tried all of them. I'm really frustrated right now. If it isn't one thing it's another. Since I've been browsing for hours already please don't redirect me to some other source. I want the solution, or better yet the solution and the source. Thanks.

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One of the stickies has this to say: "This forum is for beginners ("newbies") to ask questions without being slapped around because someone more experienced decides they should already know the answer"

Nevertheless if you are saying that the majority of readers here are question-asking-newbies and not enough are question-answering-users then I suppose I will post a link in general.

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