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Call for suggestions - my IM network communicator

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Hi everyone! Let's make some introduction first... I'm currently working on network communicator. It's going to support all most common IM protocols, but not only. So far jabber and tlen are supported. The communicator is written in Java, looks nice (IMHO;)), is quite well customizable and of course portable. However, I'm not going to implement standard set of communication means (chat, voice chat, video conferences, file sending) only. My plan is to implement multiple innovatory / funny / practical features never seen in other communicators or at least not implemented well enough in them. I've used like 10 different communicators (tlen, exodus, psi, hello, skype, trilian, ...) so far and must say that there are always multiple disadvantages of using one communicator when compared to others. I'd like to ask everyone who uses communicators daily about: what additional features (when compared to majority of communicators) would you find innovatory / funny / practical and worth implementing. What is something you're missing most in all of them? And what would you expect from best network communicator? :D One example of innovatory feature I've already implemented is what I called 'virtual blackboard' in my communicator. Apart from chatting, you can also draw using mouse cursor (or light pen - is it called so?) on a shared piece of bitmap. It was a lot of fun do draw with someone else this way. Moreover it can be quite useful sometimes. Thanks for any suggestions. [Edited by - MickeyMouse on May 25, 2005 5:49:32 AM]

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