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have a problem with rotate a mesh(x file)

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Hi All, i have x file, it exported from Maya(have skeleton and mesh) i want control any mesh (Ex: rotate) by change transformation matrix of it, but i have a problem with that, when mesh have not attach to any bone then i can rotate it by change transfomation matrix of it but otherwise then i can not. anybody help me to solve this problem? Thanks alot.

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English is probably not your native language, so I'm going to try to restate your question. Please don't take this as offensive. I'm just trying to clarify:

I've exported an x file from Maya containing a skeleton and mesh. I want to control the mesh with a transformation matrix, but I cannot do this when the mesh is controlled by a bone.

Does this sound correct?

Are you using a skinmesh, or is it segmented? And do you want to control a single bone, or the whole hierarchy of bones all at once? If you want to control the entire hierarchy, you need to multiply your transformation matrix with the base bone (hip?) in the same way you multiply a parent bone with a child bone. You would use the transformation matrix as if it were the computed result of a parenting bone.

Hope that helps [smile]

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thanks alot

yes, i see.

but that have not is my problems

you see

i have struct of x file:

FrameTransformMatrix {

Mesh faceShape {

i want control Mesh faceShape by change transfomation matrix of it.

thanks alot.

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