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What do you want in a game?

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I know its broad question but if you could choose three aspects to be in a game what would they be? Or to get more specific what aspect would you want in the following elements, try to be a genre indpendent as you can. 1) characters 2) theme 3) storyline 4) world 5) gameplay 6) AI 7) graphics 8) controls 10) replayability 11) learning curve

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To answer your question, I have to be genre dependent, since I care about other things when it comes to RTS then a MMO.

In MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online), like World of Warcraft or EQ, I care most about:
1. Gameplay
2. Graphics
3. World

In RTS (Real time stratagy), like Warcraft or Homeworld:
1. Replayability
2. Gameplay
3. Theme

In Stimulation, Transport Tycoon:
1. Gameplay (I would have filled in Number of possibilities if that was a valid option too)
2. AI
3. Learning Curve

In Shooters, Halo:
1. Replayability
2. Controls
3. AI

In Adventure, like Ninja Gaiden:
1. Controls
2. World
3. Gameplay

In general I care about Gameplay, replay, graphics and World/theme (I think these two stand close together).

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Thats not exactly what I was looking for. I was hoping for specefic aspects of those elements. For example for rts you listed replayability, gameplay, and theme. But what I wanted specific ideas like.

Replayability - The ability to create your own maps, missions, and units.
Gameplay - Squad level control, and the ability use strategic markers.
Theme - post apocoliptic gang warfare.

just as an example.

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