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circle algorithm

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Hello, i'm trying to make a circle algorithm but Im having trouble heres what I got so far.
m_ColoredVertices = new CustomVertex.PositionColored[m_NumVertices];
			m_VertexFormat = CustomVertex.PositionColored.Format;
			m_VertexBuffer = new VertexBuffer(typeof(CustomVertex.PositionColored),
				m_NumVertices, D3DDevice, Usage.Dynamic | Usage.WriteOnly, 
				m_VertexFormat, Pool.Default);

			double tempx = m_XPos;
			double tempy = m_YPos;

			float deg = 0;

			Random r = new Random(100);

			for(int i = 0; i < m_NumVertices; i++)
				tempx = m_Radius * Math.Cos(deg);
				tempy = m_Radius * Math.Sin(deg);
				deg += .5f;
				m_ColoredVertices[i].Position = new Vector3(
					(float)tempx + (m_XPos + m_Radius), 
					(float)tempy + (m_YPos + m_Radius), 
m_ColoredVertices[i].Color = Color.FromArgb(r.Next(255),r.Next(255),r.Next(255)).ToArgb();
m_VertexBuffer.SetData(m_ColoredVertices, 0, LockFlags.None);

I pass in how many subdivisions I want and thats the m_NumVertices I render it with a TriangleFan, if I set the subdivisions up really high it looks fine. But when I turn it down its messed up and doesnt finish drawing the circle completley. I am a real newbie at this so any help with this would be appreiciated, thanks

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Your code for incrementing deg might well be your problem for it not completing the full circle.

Your deg += .5f line obviously increments it 0.5 per iteration, the number of iterations being the number of subdivisions you're after.

A complete circle is 2*pi radians round, or roughly 6.28; thus you'd need 13 iterations for a complete circle (12.56 to be picky [wink]). Any more than 13 iterations and you'll start duplicating your circle, any less and you'll get an incomplete circle.

To get a solution, I haven't tested it, but constructing your loop something more like:

for( int i = 0; i < m_NumVertices; i++ )
float angle = ((float)i / (float)m_NumVertices) * 2 * 3.14159f;
float xPosition = m_Xpos + (m_Radius * Math.Cos( angle ));
float yPosition = m_YPos + (m_Radius * Math.Sin( angle ));
//Construct your vertex here using xPosition and yPosition

Whatever value m_NumVertices takes should now generate a perfect circle.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
The Sin and Cos functions use radians not degrees. You are counting in steps of half a radian each time (deg += .5f) regardless of the number of vertices you are using. You need to go from 0 to 360 degrees in (m_iNumVertices) steps, and 360 degrees is 2*Pi radians, so if you add (2 * Math.Pi / m_iNumVertices) each time then it should work fine.

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