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How can i Start games programing?

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games_mylife10    127
Hello !! i like this website so i just regestered here I'm a computer science student.. this is my second course at collage !!! and i just had ITCS101 which is about C++ Programing .. and now i'm taking ITCS102 it's also C++ .. I took (Pointers, String, File,Class, recursion function , overlopading functions and inline function, enumeration .. )"i took these stuff this course" :) and i'm crazy about VIDEO GAMES!!! i would like to be a game programmer!! but i don't know how to make my dream come true .. I read FAQ's and i need more information too .. how to start ?? and i'm already know a lil bit of c++ .. (i'm a beginner for sure) thanks

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ukdeveloper    264

Try starting here. It'll give you a good overview of what game development involves, it's a general term really.

C++ is, in my opinion, the way to go. Once you master the main points of the language, you can use SDL, Allegro, OpenGL, DirectX and all the other main API's that are used within programming itself.

It'll take some perserverance though, it won't happen overnight. Keep posting on these boards, there'll always be somebody who knows how to help if you have any kind of problem. [google] is always a good friend too.

Good luck! Hope I helped,


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