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What is scripting used for?

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fooman_69    174
Hiya, I have been reading around these boards a lot lately because I am deep in the midst of creating my first "decent" game. I have noticed that a lot of people use scripting... but I have never seen anyone use it or tell me why they are using it except to say "it simplifies things in the long run". Can anyone just list out and/or explain to me what scripting is used for in gaming development and in general?

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SumDude    163
from configuration files to game logic.

Scripts save a lot of time because they are usually really easy to use and don't need to be compiled.

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Drew_Benton    1861
1. AI
- Script out different units behaviors and then randomly select them to be used
- Change how AI works dynamically all with the change of a script
2. Game Logics
- Have scripts that can dynamically change game play
- Dynamically change things and allow for users to write their own changes
3. Cutscenes
- Script them out rather than have to prerender and work with that
- Allows for users to do the same
4. Everything else not mentioned along the lines of data driven design and its benefits [smile]

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