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Linking question about DirectX

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Hello, I'm trying to create a .lib file that also links in the DirectX library files (d3dx9d.lib, d3d9.lib, etc). This is so my library can be linked to without the DX sdk being present on the PC. It all works fine, and my lib file comes to just over 8 megs (it's alot smaller without linking the DX files) so I know it's working as i expected. My test exe also works with my lib without having to link to the dx libs. However: My lib spews out hundreds of LNK4006 warnings, such as: d3dx9d.lib(d3dx9d_25.dll) : warning LNK4006: _D3DXWeldVertices@28 already defined in d3dx9d.lib(d3dx9d_25.dll); second definition ignored I could disable the warning, but I'd rather not and try and find out why I'm getting it. If I link my exe to the dx-libs instead, i don't get the warning.

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