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some vs 2005 questions

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wilhil    540
Hi I have had a msdn/technet sub for some time now, and I have just received the beta of 2005, I have a spare machine so I installed it, I previously used 2003 for no more than a few hours whilst just testing various things, but I mainly just used good old vb 6.0 for the past 5+ years as I can build almost anything (excluding networking stuff!) during my last few months I messed around with winsock and made a few networked programs. I was just about to start writing my next application and I got a bit sidetracked as I am fed up with making rubbish applications that looked like they should be used with windows 3.1! (well 95...) and had to invoke tons of code to just do a taskbar icon, not being able to use newer addins and cool menus... well you get the idea! anyway I have looked at the new visual studio, and I just love it! everything just seems so well thought out! but I was wondering if you know how I can jsut do simple networking, maybe I missed it, but I could not find winsock on the list to add to the toolbox, and just have no idea how to do it. I like learning on my own, but I do not know where to even start and was wondering what I should use? also apart from various updates, will applications i write in beta vs 2005 work on computers when microsoft release .net framework 2, or would i have to convert the application... I dont want to have to rewrite everything, but from what I have recently heard, if i write in vs 2003, I will have to rewrite it anyway when framewrok 2 comes out! Thanks

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ArchG    327
Hey there wihil, I use and love VS 2005 Beta too. To do my networking and stuff, I just start an empty project, and in application settings, make sure it's a completely empty project, then I add .cpp and .h files and code everything from scratch.

I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for though, I've never used the IDE very much, so wouldn't know anything about a winsock control (although MSDN for VS 2005 might know a bit more)

and..sorry to say I don't know the answer to your last question either, although it is a good question.

Sorry I couldn't be a bigger help, but hope I helped a bit anyway.


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