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Idea's for a Fantasy Action Game

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HI. Im Andrew York, Designer and Artist for the Wars of Solen video game. I am wondering if I could ask you all a question. Wars of Solen is a Fantasy Action Game with RPG elements. the design is a war game between good and evil. in that basic guildline for the game I want to ask, What would you want from a game like this, any idea's you dont mind sharing. etc Any replies would be great. and your insight might come to life in a few years. thank you for reading

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Good vs. Evil? Dont make it so clear - alternate motives make games interresting - One goal I have is to make npcs have personal goals that are more than do this quest for me, or I am total evil or totally good. Your game, Wars of Solen, shouldnt be about a huge army of good fighting a good of bad - Make different leaders of the games have different goals, as one suggestion. Maybe one general wants to regain the honour of the Elven race, or another wishes to siege a city for the wealth he will gain. It makes some interresting morale dilemas, which are always fun.

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Thats actualy a pritty good idea. Giving the leaders (Generals) Different reasons for there actions. If Wars of Solen kicks off and does well I do hope to make a sequil which will not be good vrs evil but just a world filled with different cultures. where allegiences can be formed and brocken and politics for a fantasy kingdom,

But for this game. Giving the Generals different AI might add to a more dynamic game.
Since each game played will be different than a random AI Generator would be good

Such as 20 Points for AI
Randomly distribute the points from 0 - 6 points
Hate Goblins
Hate Orcs
Hate Ogres
Hate Trolls
Favored Humans
Favored Elves
Favored Dwarves
Favored Barbarians
Gold Lust
Peasant Protective
War Hungry
Hero Syndrom

That would be a nice system. say if a general got Peasant Protective at 6, and Favored barbarians not at all. if the peasants in the village where being attacked and the a group of barbarians where being hurt. the general would favor the peasants and march his troops over. and if a general ended up being war hungry at 6, he could naturaly favore just to fight the biggest battle to conquere and destroy.. etc

the system could be given to each unit of the military who is controled by AI actualy. if a computer could do all those calculations.. which mayby not yet

thanks for your reply

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