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Alex Baker

@CyberSlag5K: regarding your 3DSMAX multi map questions

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CyberSlag, sorry for beeing more than one month too late (i had to stay longer than expected in india, because i had some trouble with our 15-printingplant-powering-without-any-documentation killer application); additionally i couldn't answer the old thread from your's, because it seems it was too old. Regarding your question with 3DSMAX multi maps: i did a small test and a debug-session on this - yes, the material ID's will match up for the same materials on different objects, even if the multimaterial order is different on each object; for example: if you have object A, with material 3/7/9 and you have object B, with material 9/10/11 then the material with ID 9 in this example will be the same for each object. So, you can imagine the multimaterial storage model only as an assembly, which sums up all the base materials used by one object into one material. Reading then out the required information of the materials is very easy and pretty simple: you get a single material from the multimaterial by requesting it via the GetSubMat() function; then you can process this single material in any direction you want. Hope this is now clear; if you need any further information on how to process this 3DSMAX monster, don't hesitate to ask.

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