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numbers to strings

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How would i have a Message box display a number returned from a function? i.e. MessageBox(0, GetNum(), 0,0); i tryed putting (LPCSTR)GetNum() but that didn't work... any ideas?

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You'd have to specifically convert it yourself. One way is to do it like this (but likely many people are going to bug about it):

char szBuffer[512];
sprintf( szBuffer, "The number was %d.", GetNum() );

MessageBox( szBuffer, "Caption goes here", MB_OK );



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You can use either sprintf() or a string stream.

sprintf() is the C-way of doing this. If you are programming in C++ I suggest you to use string stream instead of sprintf().

with sprintf()

// a 32 bit integer contains at most 9 digits, the sign -,
// and we need some room for the '\0'
char buf[11];
sprintf(buf, "%d", myInteger);
MessageBox(0, buf, 0,0);

with string streams

#include <sstream>

std::string getNum(int myInteger)
std::stringstream myStream;
myStream << myInteger << std::ends;
return myStream.str();

MessageBox(0, getNum(myInteger).c_str(), 0, 0);

This question is probably in the top 5 FAQ. It might be a good idea to browse the forum before asking such simple question.


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Using the c++ way is much safer.
Just a note on naming of functions: getNum(int) is terribly named.
Sorry, but I hate reading code like that. Name a function for what it does:

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