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shooting ray in a cone shape

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Hi, I'm implementing blurred reflection in my ray tracer, but I'm not sure how to generate the rays. What I think is the following: Suppose that R is the reflected ray. X = A*(0,1,0); y = A*X; Now X and Y describe a plane perpendicular to R. What I can do now is finding PP = P+R.dir; Now I can generate n random points near PP (i.e. PP+X*Random()+Y*Random()). The rays can then be created by doing RAY = (P, PPRandom - p); That is the way I do for primary rays generation, and I do the same thing for Anti-aliasing and area lights. My problem is that this seems a bit slow for reflections, because for primary rays and area lights I can calculate some values only once (X,Y,UP), here I should redo it every time. In addition, I have always to check if R == (0,1,0) and in this case switch to (0,0,1) (for example). How would you henerate rays for blurred reflections? Thank you

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