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4 problems with delphi and delphix

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SeiferAlmasy    108
I have been using delphi for some time, also delphix but now after 1 year of trying to sort this prob I gave in...its a thorn in my side. a. When the DXinput is set to (true) "usedirectinput", my joypads do not work, the buttons i.e. normal buttons not axis just do not respond. If I set to Usedirectinput as false then for some bizarre reason both dxtimer and threadedtimer can NOT achive intervals above 100th of a second, why this is I have no clue b. Force feedback will not work with my playstation USB gamepad no matter what I do, it works on PC games like halo (and all the emulators like Zsnes) and I understand delphix uses directx so why is this a problem? c. Undelphix will not install for delphi 4, i get some kind of error, i forget which now but the upshot is it just won't install. Maybe I have to change some enviromental settings? d. My mate codes in delphi and can achieve exe files much smaller than mine. At the moment even if my application is an empty form it is atleast 400 KB. Why is this? and what can I do about it? Thanks Very much to anyone! PS reply to a. its worse than I thought! A. is only true for my computer. Every other computer I have tried (all have directx 9c and are fast) my exe on the timer is WAY lower than 1000th of a second (i think they are runnin at 100th). In other words all my games work at 100th of a second instead of 1000th that I set them to. My games will not run above 100th of a second regardless of interval of the timer. What am I to do :(

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