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3d - projectile from point A to point B

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GameTek    122
Hello - In my 3D game, I want to fire a projectile (a slow-moving ball of energy) from a ship sitting at Vector A, and I want it to travel a distance of D units, then stop (explode). For direction, I know the Yaw and Pitch of the ship, expressed in degrees. No gravity, no outside forces, just a straight line through 3D space. I thought that I knew enough about vector math to handle this, but I am having trouble. Can someone help get me on track? Thanks in advance!

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jyk    2094
If the ship only yaws (about the world up axis) and pitches (about the local side axis) you can use spherical coordinates to find the direction vector. There are different ways to do the spherical-to-cartesian conversion depending on which axis is up and which is forward, and which direction the side vector points. So don't expect equations you find online to necessarily work as is; you may have to adapt them to your needs.

Alternately, you could do it with Euler angles. Create a matrix for yaw around world up and a matrix for pitch around the world side vector. Then, if you're using column vectors:

M = yaw * pitch;

Row vectors:

M = pitch * yaw;

The forward vector can then be extracted from M. Plus, you have the rotation matrix available for other purposes if you need it.

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