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Drew_Benton    1861
You probabally should be a wee bit more descriptive to as what you are interested in and why when asking questions here, just a tip [wink]

I am using Ogre right now for a 3rd person game. Ogre is just a 3d graphics engine, not a complete game engine, so you will need to add in a few things to it. Overall I can say it's just amazing and all out ease to use and learn. Now you will have to spend some time learning it, for it is simply huge, but there is a great community at their forums and Wiki avaliable as well. I've messed with a lot of the basics of it, nothing too advanced yet. What are you trying to find out in paticular? If you want to read some more about, here are a few recent posts:

What all is required for a working game engine?

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owiley    257
if all else fails with ogre try irrlitch for the graphics its way easier
and for the sound use openal or fmod(this one is easy to setup and has support for wide variety of sound formats inc. mp3

i usually wouldn't suggest sdl or glut but the probably closer to what u want

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