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Flatspace Reaches the Final Frontier

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Flatspace Reaches the Final Frontier May 27th, 2005 - (South Cheshire. UK) Cornutopia ( announced today that their space adventure game, Flatspace, has reached its ultimate update with Version 1.09. Flatspace uses an award winning system that creates an open-ended experience, completely unique to each player. You are given command of a starship and the ability to go anywhere or do anything in Flatspace universe. Some common roles include Bounty Hunting, Joining the Police, Mining Astroids, Driving a Space Taxi, or Piracy, to name a few. As you accumulate wealth new ships, weapons, and equipment become available. You can pilot a small agile fighter, a bulk freighter, or a mammoth battlestation. As your ships become larger you can hire a crew to aid you, including gunners for turrets, medics, and chefs. Every ship you encounter in Flatspace works like a real player, each ship is doing a variety of tasks that you can watch and follow. It is not uncommon to see a pirate ship attack a mining vessel while it is at work, only to see the galactic police show up to capture the fellon. With the 1.09 patch AI will be even more lifelike and if a threatening vessel enters your area you'll get a directional warning along with the regular yellow alert. The Universe awaits your performance. Take the free demo for a spin and let Cornutopia show you how to get lost in Flatspace! To download the demo or for more information check out

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