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Scene handling question

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what is the best approach in rendering a scene that combines indoor and outdoor scenes? like for example a big city with some small terrain like in the park, whats the best way for this? using a big Mesh and implement it in OCTREE? if i use this what are the issues ill get ? pls advise me on this [Edited by - dxdotnet1 on May 29, 2005 2:46:56 AM]

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I have never implemented indoor-outdoor rendering to know all the extents of consideration however:

The first thing you should ask is how complicated you want to make it. It is important. By defining what you need vs. what you want will help make the project get on its feet quicker and begin teaching you more about what you doing and benefits and cons that stretch into other areas of game development ( and into your question ).

I would suggest that you attempt your suggested approach. Do up a model and pull it into your game and render it as an octree. Profile it, see how the fps go, if it works well, and looks as though yur going to have enough fps left to put in characters and some particles, then I would say it is good. Not good enough? Maybe do some demos with each piece of what your trying to accomplish. The terrain, the buildings. After each piece is clear, you may choose to hybrid them together in various ways. Possibly create portals for all the windows in the buildings, then render outside with octree. Recursive situations for peering into an adjacent building across a park. Or maybe just bruting a little more is a better approach with today's hardware.

By understanding how the various pieces work, you can begin to pick and choose what you like and what you want to modify from each. Run with the octree. =)
Hope this helps.

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