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I am surprise stream not support the string?

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I/O streams do support std::string.

std::string str1 = "Hello, World!";
std::cout << str1 << std::endl;

will work just fine.

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Original post by derek7
when I string str1; cout<<str1;not work.

Are you using Dev-C++? If you have it set to not produce a console window, it skips out the cout<< statements, because they're console functions.

I only just discovered that when I was trying your code. I had the console window switched off, and it just jumped to a system("pause"); statement I'd put in, instead of doing cout<<str1<<endl.

I've been working on SDL games so I didn't need a console window, therefore it was switched off.

We've both learnt something :)

Hope to have helped,


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