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From Delphi/PHP to G++

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Ok I've worked in Delphi and PHP quite a bit. I've used C/C++ for micro development on the Atmel and renesas architectures and finally decided to give G++ a try for some game development. This is where I'm lost. If I'm using G++ and I wanted to start out simple (an isometric engine) where should I start. Is their a complete source starting point? By that I mean I found a few things on here that related to where I'd like to start, but they require libraries that I have no clue how to find :). Example files I don't know where to find: ddraw.c and dxengine.c. I would much rater be working with OpenGL or straight GDI as I'm familar with them, but I'm just lost. Is their a tutorial out their that works around those of us moving from another language to C to and gives that support libraries with it? Thanks, Jeremy Darling PS: Sorry if this is answered some place, I did a search, but couldn't find anything from the results on the first 3 pages.

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