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ADO : loading/saving a date

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ok guys, the finish line for my application is very near and I still have some problems that I can't seem to work out :( (see other threads) Can some1 also tell me how I can save a CTime variable into an ADO database with the PutCollect() function and reading a date into a CTime with the function m_pRS->Fields->GetItem() (although I still have problems with that last function call too :( ) The main problem seems to be to turn a date from a CTimeDatePicker to a variant, which I totally can't seem to figure out. (already searched the forums/net and tried 1000 things :( ) And pls don't tell me to change to COleDate, because I would have to rewrite my whole code :( Pls some1 help me!!! (if possible also with my other 2 threads) TIA [Edited by - da_cobra on May 27, 2005 2:51:38 PM]

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