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How to blur/AA on a bitmap surface in Allegro?

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I'm sure it's called a blur effect and not AA since I want to take my back buffer after drawing everything to it and apply a filter to blur it a little before drawing it to the surface. Now I dont know how to do the fancy mathamatical per pixel calculations (I dont even know how to access the pixels, I just know how to draw bitmaps to the surface which has been enough to do what I need), so I'm wondering if either allegro has some functions built in that may do that, or if there are any written out there that would work as simply as blur(buffer) with the allegro library. While I would like a high level solution, I'm willing to try learning the low level code involved with achieving a blur effect if anyone is willing to explain or direct me twords material that can accomplish this. [Edited by - SirSmoke on May 28, 2005 12:22:51 AM]

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