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Shadow maps, dir lights, & terrain

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So, i have a standard heightmapped terrain, with units running around on it, along with a primary directional light. I'm to the point to start implimenting shadow maps, and am running into a 'design' issue: how do i move the shadow map origin (for SM frustum testing, as well as the projection matrix) and scale the near and far planes (so we're ensuring we have the highest resolution in the map) for my light source as the camera activly moves? I'm not doing 'shadow buffers' (every object has a shadow map) because that will cause the terrain to be drawn numObjects/10 times. I'd prefer to render all data into a single map, and project that map to all objects, and terrain. I know someone out there has solved a simliar problem, so if anyone can point me in a direction, or offer some thoughts on the subject, i'd be grateful

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.. and maby LispSM (Light space perspective shadow mapping as well)..

The problem is that these methods doesn't work for every case (and TSM has patent issues).
There are many discussions about this by smarter ppl than me, and most ppl seem to come to the conclusion that using 3 shadowmaps to cover what you see gives good resolution, and no hassle like PSM, TSM and LispSM does.

The perspective shadowmapping methods might work for you, depending on lots of things, but I would suggest another aproach.

(my 2 cents)

Good luck!

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