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[Excel VB]: exporting picture objects to files

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Hello there, I came across a really tricky one, and as usual, MSDN can't give me an answer to what I am trying to do. It's quite simple really: the accountant in my company thought it was a good idea to insert scans of certificates in an excel spreadsheet, in the form of word objects. (if you double click on the object, it opens up in Word, and it contains just a picture). Now my problem is that I want to copy that picture and export it, ideally as a BMP, otherwise in whatever file format I can, and worst case scenario, as a word document that contains the image... See, the thing is, I wrote her a big shiny excel workbook with lotsa goodies to simplify her life, and I managed to convert most of the data from her existing spreadsheets. But I still havent found a nice way to import those damn objects... Yes, I could copy paste the things into the new Excel spreadsheet I created, no problem, but I don't want that, I want the objects to be converted to images that stand alone. At the moment I could create "Scrap objects" by copy pasting the objects to a folder, but that's not what I want either (if I am gonna do something, I'd like to do it properly). Point is, I know there are other solutions, but can what I want be done (I was thinking some funky OLE programming, but I dont know where to start, there) and HOW ? and yes, I googled it, I looked through my MSDN, and any books I had access to... the best I found was a dead, non-cached link on Google that points to "converting Picture Objects to and from byte arrays..." That sounds like something I would have wanted to know [rolleyes] Thanks for any help you can provide.

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