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How to plot a pixel in Direct3D 9 ?

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Hi, I'm currently reading Frank Luna's "Intro to DX9". I've already finished a few chapters but went back to Chapter I to test his pixel plotting code snippet as shown below:
// Assume _surface is a pointer to an IDirect3DSurface9 interface.
// Assumes a 32-bit pixel format for each pixel.

// Get the surface description.
D3DSURFACE_DESC surfaceDesc;

// Get a pointer to the surface pixel data.

D3DLOCKED RECT lockedRect;
      &lockedRect,// pointer to receive locked data
      0,          // lock entire surface
      0);         // no lock flags specified

// Iterate through each pixel in the surface and set it to red.

DWORD* imageData = (DWORD*)lockedRect.pBits;
for(int i = 0; i < surfaceDesc.Height; i++)
      for(int j = 0; j < surfaceDesc.Width; j++)
            // index into texture, note we use the pitch and divide by
            // four since the pitch is given in bytes and there are
            // 4 bytes per DWORD.
            int index = i * lockedRect.Pitch / 4 + j;

            imageData[index] = 0xffff0000; // red

My only problem here is the values of surfaceDesc's (D3DSURFACE_DESC) members. When I ran my program (w/c has already an initialization code to set up a blank window), it goes back. I ran the debugger and there's a problem with: _surface->GetDesc(&surfaceDesc); I know that it's becuase surfaceDesc has not been set yet. Can anyone provide me the needed values for its members? THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE!!

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The problem with this approach is that you are trying to use D3D as DirectDraw. Thats a wrong approach as it stalls the pipeline.

Try using some transformed-lit vertices and render using the POINT primitive.


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